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With the patented DFS purification and sterilization technology, it solves three major problems in the air at the same time, including: allergens/ultrafine particles, VOC/smoke/odor, bacteria/viruses; its filtration and sterilization effects have been certified by third-party laboratories in many countries. Simple design, small footprint, suitable for indoor environments under 500 square feet.

Patented air purification + sterilization that meets the needs of the current environment


Professional-grade six-layer pre-filter can effectively deal with coarse air pollutants, harmful organic gases/smoke smell/peculiar smell, and then use the patented DFS technology and HEPA filter to centrally treat bacteria and viruses, which can effectively remove pollutants and bacteria and viruses up to 99%. Each "Kangyu" product is strictly tested by ISO equipment before leaving the factory to ensure performance and quality.

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